2021 begins!

Well, sort of.

As I’m trying to be socially responsible during this time of tier 4 lockdown, I’m staying at home and only venturing out for essentials or exercise. Although I might argue that going out to film is technically allowed (work can’t be done at home), at the moment it would be ‘speculative’ work (for, say, stock footage). It has enabled me, however, to do a bit of website revamping/updating and to explore additional opportunities.

As a result I have established my own live-streaming platform (without recourse to Youtube, Vimeo and the like). While it has worked in test conditions, I’ve yet to discover how many concurrent viewers the website can handle – so development continues.

I still need to use my LiveU-Solo and other LiveU services, but I’ve always needed that when out in the countryside. From home, its a straight connection using OBS, Docker desktop, and Kinematic. It was a frustrating journey as there seems to be minimal support – it’s a DIY setup – but persistence paid off. As they say, “you can google it”.

More to follow!

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